Amazing Cat Tricks By Kaiser The Bengal!

Amazing Cat Tricks By Kaiser The Bengal!Photo ©

Throw now the confetti, roll out the red carpet, and start doing your best applause because a superstar is now here! Meet Kaiser, a famous Bengal cat! 🙂 This surprising video by NanaBorderCollie will show you some of what Kaiser can do.

Kaiser is not your average domestic cat who spends the afternoon lounging on its owner’s lap, waiting for something interesting to happen. Aside from his strikingly beautiful spots and stripes elsewhere (thanks to his ancestry descended from the Asian leopard cat), a “mascara” (horizontal striping alongside the eyes) and facial markings typical of his kind, Kaiser has talent. After all, rarely does one become a star with just looks alone. Let’s just say he keeps a few tricks up his paws to surprise and amuse you…

Kaiser can perform a number of novelty tricks that would leave any cat envious – and any cat owner and cat lover in awe too! A question mark might have popped out above your head after reading that, “Wait a second. A cat can do tricks?” Yes, a cat can do tricks – and Kaiser is a living testament to that.

Kaiser was trained through positive reinforcement and clicker. Sounds like dog training, eh? Most cat owners assume that their feline household members, being independent-minded as they are, can’t be taught to execute tricks as well as stunts. Cats seem to do exactly what they want as they please; in other words, whether you like it or not, a cat will only perform if it likes the idea of performing. This is where the difference between cat and dog training lies, as dogs do tricks to delight their owners. But the bottom line is your cat can be trained. With the right methods that revolve around the creative use of positive reward-based reinforcement, your cat’s potential can be unleashed, much to your amazement. Who knows? Your cat might be the next “Kaiser” in your neighborhood.

Ok, here’s the video:

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