Making Playtime 33 More Fun Too Cute

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The video is about three miniature tigers… I mean kittens who are enjoying each other’s company as their mother Jasmine watches over them. One is Saffron who loves climbing up high places. Then there are Pepper and Basil who are wrestling each other. They are of Singapura breed.

Singapura cats are described as small balls of energy due to their extrovert, curious, and playlful nature. These playful cats are considered as pesky people cat, so they are suited to many types of homes. They are pesky people pleasers and are impish and intelligent.

They are known for their leaping skills as displayed by Saffron in the video. These felines are ideal for homes because they can easily get along with other cats, dogs, and children.
Singapura cats’ reputation of being pest can be attributed to their love for seeking attention from their family. They can be friends with new people but some exhibit cautiousness when introduced.

Their playfulness remains well past kittenhood so expect more house items loitering around the house even if the cats are entering adulthood. They will go for small things such as pens or bigger ones such as keyboards. Anything on the kitchen counter is often a target of their liking.

It is important to watch the diet of Singapuras. One of the most common health problems they encounter is obesity. It is your role to maintain their weight as a way to protect to their overall health.

Protecting their health also means regular baths, weekly combing, regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. Nail trimming should be started early in their kitten-years due to the sensitivity of their feet to being touched.

Singapuras are very sensitive to the moods of people around them. Pet owners with nice temperaments can make them feel better. If you think you are that kind of pet owner, living with cats such as Singapuras will have no hassles.

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