Persian Kitten Mochi Catches Ball

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This video features Mochi, a very cute Persian cat who is excellent at catching ball. According to her owner, they noticed that Mochi loved to reach and grab onto objects so they decided to train her to catch soft, spongy balls. She’s an excellent catcher indeed!

Mochi gets her needed exercise from all that catching. Good for her! Regular exercise is essential in keeping cats healthy; it helps maintain an ideal weight, keeps their muscles strong and cures boredom and other undesirable behaviors. However, keeping indoor cats active is a bit of a challenge for some owners.

It is helpful to give your cat something to climb on and scratch like a multi-level cat tree with scratching posts. You should also consider getting a laser toy – many cats will happily exhaust themselves chasing the dots or beams from these. But when choosing cat toys, you don’t necessarily have to go high-tech; dragging a piece of string on the floor is enough for most cats. Getting a cat food puzzle is also a good idea. These toys are specially designed to require your cat to think and move so she can remove the treats inside.

When your cat is done playing, don’t force her. Cats naturally have a short attention span. Usually, one game session will only last a couple of minutes.

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