Talking Siberian Cat

Meet Willie and Theo, two lovely Siberian cats who are doing what they do best – and that is to be adorable! You’ll notice that Willie has one eye – according to the owner, this was since when he was born. That doesn’t diminish his cuteness though. Theo wasn’t really ‘talking’ but he seems to be responding to his owner’s questions as if he really understood what the human was saying!

According to research, cats are actually very similar to dogs in their ability to learn words. They are capable of learning approximately fifty different words and commands but unlike dogs, they only learn words which are beneficial to them like “food”, “eat”, “dinner” etc. They won’t learn words which have nothing to do with their lives. If you are trying to teach a cat some commands, it is important to give them treats as reward for their efforts because cats purposefully forget the words if they don’t get something beneficial in return.

Cats mostly communicate using body language and non-verbal cues. Over time, felines must have realized that humans respond to them best when they meow. This is very fascinating and show how smart cats really are.

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