Cute Munchkin Baby Kitten Talks Too Much

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This is a video of a Munchkin kitten who meows so much! Cutest thing ever! Those short legs are very adorable. Their short legs are the most recognizable feature of the breed but those stubby limbs don’t interfere with their ability to leap and run. They are just as playful and as energetic as any other cat. They do however have a “funny walk” – which adds to their appeal.

Munchkins had their own share of controversy. In 1994 it was proposed that they become an official breed but lots of cat lovers were horrified over this. The dispute is largely due to the fact that they are considered by some as malformed animals because of their short legs. Many believe that breeding Munchkins is unethical because it perpetuates their physical deformity. There are still cat registries to this day which do not recognize them as a breed. But this unique feature does not actually affect their health at all.

Did you know that the shortest living cat is of this breed? In 2013, Lilieput, a tortoiseshell Munchkin cat was named as the shortest cat by the Guinness World Records. Lilieput is just 5.25 inches tall from her paws to shoulders!

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