11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Medical Care

11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Medical CarePhoto © mico_images – Fotolia.com

We discovered a fantastic tutorial about how to recognize feline emergencies and had to share! The link is at the end of our commentary as per usual.

Now matter how careful and attentive we are, emergencies can find their way slipping behind our backs and strike our feline buddies. Of course it’s natural to hope they won’t happen, but an accident or a medical crisis comes about when you least expect it to occur. While you are preparing your cat’s meal, while you are comfortably sleeping in the middle of the night, while you are busy skimming through the pages of a reading assignment – a slim chance exists that an emergency can befall your furry house member.

However, it is not when a life-threatening situation occurs but what you can do to handle that situation that truly matters. As noted beforehand, life happens – but preparedness, calmness, and sufficient what-to-do knowledge are key to a successful outcome. The more you are aware on how to recognize and assess early signs of a severe medical condition and on how to initiate measures to limit the extent of damage or keep your cat breathing until you arrive at the vet’s clinic, the better your cat’s chances.

One notable problem with emergencies however is that signs and symptoms are often vague or subtle. Not only does this leave cat owners puzzled by the sudden turn of events regarding their cat’s health, but also owners can’t help but feel guilty and full of what-if’s at the corner of their minds. As Dr. Eric Barchas points out in his article “11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Veterinary Attention,” this shouldn’t be the case because “cats don’t come with warning labels and a person who doesn’t know the symptoms can’t be expected to recognize them.”

For more of Dr. Barchas’ take on the matter and his rundown of emergencies every cat owner should know, here is the link to the page: http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/11-cat-health-emergencies-immediate-veterinary-attention-ask-a-vet

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11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Medical Care
Graphic – lovable-cats.com. Image © mico_images – fotolia.com (under license)

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