2 Cats 1 Cat Tree

Watch Cole and Marmalade help unbox their new cat tree! They can’t seem to wait for their new cat playground to be assembled. Once the tree was complete, you can see that they absolutely loved it – especially the dangling toys.

There are numerous “cat furniture” pieces available on the market today; condos, trees, towers, scratchers and many more. The perfect furniture for your kitty depends on their size, age and personality. If you have an elderly cat, choose a design that has spacious condos and perches to give your pet ample room to play and explore without having to climb too much. If you own a younger and active cat, get a tall tree which offers more places to climb, play and scratch. Younger cats also get bored and restless easily so having a few dangling toys on the tree is recommended to keep them entertained.

You should also think about how many cats you have. More cats means a larger cat furniture piece – there should also be sufficient hiding places and sleeping areas to accommodate all of them and to avoid fights. If you buy cat furniture, make sure it is of high quality and can be secured so that the cats don’t knock it over when playing.

2 Cats 1 Cat Treeimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk6SYa4jY24

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