30 Amazing Cat Tricks

This video features Kitty, a cat who is just killing it with all these amazing tricks. He is just so good and is able to perform thirty cat tricks in the video. In 2012, Kitty was rewarded the Advanced Trick Dog title from Do More With Your Dog!, the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of dog tricks. Kitty is the second cat who has won this title and was much younger than the previous winner. Way to go Kitty!

His owner, Jacob Hollingsworth adopted Kitty from a local veterinarian who had rescued him from a high kill shelter. Hollingsworth was a student of the Karen Pryer Academy in their Dog Training Program. He chose Kitty as his subject for his school’s training exercises which required him to work with other species. After teaching the cat the ‘sit’ command through clicker training, he realized that Kitty was exceptionally receptive to this method.

In an interview, Hollingsworth stated. “Clicker training empowered Kitty, offering an effective means of communication and enriching his life with mental stimulation.” He then added. “Cats love to win. Clicker training sets up cats for success by focusing on rewarding desired behaviors.”

Turns out cats can be trained after all, you just have to find the right method that will work. 🙂

Video - 30 Amazing Cat Tricksimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puYANVYxPys

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