6 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Cats are great pets but they’re not always affectionate. Unlike dogs who make their love for us loud and clear, cats have less obvious ways of showing affection. Here are the six signs that your cat loves you:

1. Drools on you – Nasty but true: If cats drool when being petted, this means that the sensation is so relaxing and it’s making them so happy, they forget to swallow! Drooling signifies contentment and satisfaction.

2. Watches TV with you – This means that they also want to do the things you enjoy doing.

3. Brings you gifts – Cats give ‘gifts’ because they consider you as family. Usually though, cats offer small dead animals and while this might be difficult to take it as a compliment, you should not scold your cat for leaving you an offering because they might not understand why you are being mean. If your cat hunts birds in the garden, look into ways to warn the birds away from the area.

4. Never leave you alone – If your cats follow you everywhere around the house, that’s love.

5. Hate when you leave – Like dogs, cats hate it when their owners leave the house even if it seems like they don’t care.

6. Can’t wait for you to come back – They are sure to greet you by the door when you get back home but some cats sulk when left along for long periods of time. Apologize and give her lots of affection.

6 Signs Your Cat Loves Youimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX79lnCwnSY

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