6 Steps To Help Your Cats Get Along

Are your cats not getting along? This video offers six helpful tips to help you with this problem. Just like humans, cats have different personalities and there are lots of reasons why cats fight. However, the most common reason is what experts call undersocialization, the lack of pleasant experiences with other cats in their early life. If your cat grew up as an only pet and had little to no interaction with other felines, it’s more likely that she will react negatively when another cat is introduced into the household.

If your cats used to get along but are suddenly fighting, this may be because one of them is being territorial. Usually, one cat claims the litter box, food bowl or a lounging spot not letting the other get near her ‘stuff’. Also when a cat is ill, she can be short-tempered and begin fighting with her cat friend for the most trivial reasons.

If you notice an issue between your cats address it right away before it becomes a major problem. If you followed all the tips in the video but your pets are still not getting along, don’t hesitate to call an animal behaviorist for help and guidance. A qualified expert can evaluate the problem and help you manage the conflict between your cats.

6 Steps To Help Your Cats Get Alongimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDioelWcNzQ

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6 Steps to Help Your Cats Get Along
Graphic – lovable-cats.com. Image – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDioelWcNzQ

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