6 Ways You’re Feeding Your Cat Wrong

Good diet is the key to your cat’s health and as responsible owners, we have to make sure that our cats get proper nutrition. But sometimes we unknowingly make mistakes in feeding our feline friends. So what errors are we making? This video shows the six most common mistakes in feeding cats.

1. You leave food out all the time – Measure the food and have scheduled mealtimes to reduce the risk of obesity.

2. You’re not creating an optimal eating environment – Cats don’t like eating in noisy places or somewhere that has too much activity. Place the food and water bowls in a quite area where your kitty can eat in peace.

3. You give too many treats – Treats should only be a little part of your cat’s diet. You should only offer them treats for no more than two to three times a week.

4. You give milk – Some cats are lactose intolerant and have trouble digesting milk so it is wise to just avoid it.

5. You’re changing your cat’s diet too quickly – You should begin the transition by mixing together the current cat food with the new one. Then gradually decrease the amount of the current cat food while increasing the amount of the new cat food over a 7-day period.

6. You feed your cat a vegan diet – Cats are obligate carnivores meaning they require meat to survive. A vegan diet is therefore not recommended for cats.

6 Ways You're Feeding Your Cat Wrongimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T2hQghBX1Q

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