Abyssinian Cat Demanding Kisses

This is a cute video of an Abyssinian cat demanding kisses from his owner. According to the uploader, the cat loves attention from people but he does not want to share that attention with other pets!

Here are some facts about the Abyssinian breed:

1. Unknown origins – Abys are believed to be thousands of years old. There are many theories regarding the origin of this breed but there’s still no concrete evidence up to this day. Many believe that they come from Ancient Egypt but recent genetic research suggests that they may be from Southeast Asia or the coasts of the Indian Ocean.

2. Zula – She was the first cat to be called ‘Abyssinian’ during a cat show in 1871. She was called this because she was said to have been “captured in the late Abyssinian war”. While that claim may or may not be true, Zula still stole the show and won third place.

3. Not effective show cats – Abys may be smart, active and pretty but they tend to be rather shy around people who they’re not familiar with.

4. “Ticked” coats – Abys are instantly recognizable due to their short, “ticked” coats. This is nothing to do with ticks, the insect: This is a genetic variant of the tabby where each hair is banded with alternating light and dark shades.

5. Extremely active – These cats love moving. They are very energetic, playful and curious. They love to explore and climb – so make sure to remove all breakable things out of their area.

Abyssinian Cat Demanding Kissesimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKJ6gUlkd40

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