Abyssinian Remy Steals The Spotlight – Too Cute

This video is about a family of Abyssinian cats. One day, their owner decided to bring all of them to work and they were all very excited to see a lot of colorful and shiny things they can chase! While playing, the three sister kittens, Fleur, Fifi and Cosette made sure to stay close to their mother Cali but their only brother Remy went on to do some exploring on his own. Remy suddenly found himself as a star of a photoshoot! Soon, his mother joined in and they stole the spotlight together.

Abyssinians or Abys are popular for being intelligent and extremely playful. They are very active and are said to become depressed without constant activity. They crave for the attention of their owners but not to the point that they become a nuisance. If you own Abys, you’ll never know what he will get into next. Of all the cat breeds, they considered to be the ones who live life to the fullest. They always want to jump higher, climb further, play harder and explore every area they can see. Nothing can get past their attention; they notice everything! This cat is extremely fun but also challenging to have.

Abyssinian Remy Steals The Spotlight - Too Cuteimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOibu-oe-3U

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