Anakin The Devon Rex Cat Likes To Play Fetch

Not all cats can fetch things for their owners. Anakin, a Devon Rex cat, is an exemption. In the video, the 10-month-old feline is seen playing fetch with his favorite toy that is thrown down the hallway by his owner. He will chase after his toy and then bring it back. Anakin is probably obsessive when it comes to that toy.

Why cats play fetch? How can owners teach their cat to do it?

Dogs are known for being good fetcher but cats have natural hunting instincts of stalking and pouncing. That explains why playing fetch is a perfect game for your cats such as Anakin. The Devon Rex is a breed that is known for having dog-like qualities. They are also a curious and playful cat breed. They are often described as a “kitten at heart.” A Devon Rex is suitable for owners who do not mind being followed around by their pets. Playing fetch is ideal for a cat that is playful and energetic.

Owners must find time to play with their cats as a fantastic way to bond. To teach cats on how to fetch an object, consider the following tips :

– Select an item that is enticing such as their favorite toy.
– Pick the right time to play. Cats must be in a playful mood. Do not engage your cat into a game of fetch when he is in mid-nap.
– Initially, it is a challenge to egg your cat to chase the object. So patience matters until you find the object the cat likes.
– To persuade your cats to bring the object back to you, repetition is needed until the kitty understands the mechanics of the play.
– Encouragement and praise are important if the cat begins to carry it back himself.

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