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This video features Hamilton the Hipster cat. He is from San Francisco and became popular because of the white markings on his face which resemble a perfect mustache. Hamilton has also been described as the world’s most interesting cat – but clearly this is some clever and slightly irreverent branding. How does one measure the interestingness of a cat against that of other cats? I do not see how this can be done.

Hamilton was abandoned and was put up for adoption. Jay Stowe (his present owner) paid a visit to the local shelter one day to adopt. There were only two male kittens there; one was a very playful, cuddly kitty and the other was quietly curled up in the corner of the cage. The latter was Hamilton. He is a feral cat meaning he was born and raised without contact from humans and anybody who went near him would get hissed at. However when a volunteer picked him up and put him in Stowe’s hands, the not-so-friendly cat immediately fell asleep. Game over.

Now, Hamilton is a bona fide internet super star with nearly 100,000 likes on Facebook and almost 550,000 followers on Instagram. He even got a starring role in a Friskies music video, appeared in commercials, had his own calendar line and had a web series! It sure sounds like Hamilton is “bringing home the tuna”. However, he doesn’t do any visits and P.R. meet-ups because he gets uncomfortable around crowds due to his feral nature.

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