Best Jobs For Your Cat

This is an amusing video detailing the jobs your cat does for you. The gravity checker is on point! Cats can be a bit frustrating but that does not diminish their awesomeness.

Why do cats like knocking things over? Well according to science, they are just practicing to be a good hunters. Even though cats are now domesticated, they still have the predatory instinct to hit something with their paws. It is very common for cats to toy with their prey and they need to practice their swiping skills with any objects available like your mug and paperweights! So they’re not just being kitty jerks after all. Well, maybe they are. 🙂

Another reason for mischief is that cats might be attempting to get their owner’s attention particularly if they feel that their meal is overdue. It could also mean that a cat is bored so it is important to give her lots toys to play with. If she has had the same toys for a while, give her different ones because like children, cats also get bored of their toys over time. In other words, giving cats other things to do is the best way to stop them from continuing to send stuff hurtling towards the floor.

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