Black Silver Ocicat Kitten Playing

Cats are at their highest energy level when their human companion is involved in play time. There are times when their owners are just a mere spectator during play time. This video presents an adult Ocicat who is playing with a toy mouse attached to a spring pole.

Playtime is important for cats to stimulate their body when they are bored and depressed. But what can you do to get your cat play by himself?

Invest in various toys that you can rotate so they appear new and interesting to your cat. Cats have this children-like personality wherein they would go nuts upon the sight of many toys. These toys can maximize your cat’s home-alone playtime.

The following toys are ideal for cats :
¥ Glitter or crinkle balls
¥ Laser beam toys
¥ Catnip
¥ Small stuffed toys
¥ Shoelaces
¥ Plastic coils
¥ Honeysuckle bags

In the video, the Ocicat enjoys attacking a fuzzy mouse which is attached to a pole that springs back. He is probably practicing his defense and stalking skills! Cats prefer playing hunting and batting games. Simple objects paper, shoe laces, and small toys can be used as their prey.

Ocicats do not like being left alone. They have a strong desire to be near others. Allocate some time with your cat even during their ‘don’t-mind-me’ playtime. Bonding with them builds trust and affection.

Cats require little of your time to keep them happy. Their happiness only requires inexpensive objects such as a string, a lace, and a ball. These objects can keep them entertained for hours.

When cats are obsessed over a thing, let them be. Allow them to explore new things. Let them go gaga over new experiences while under your constant watch. Just sit back and be an audience to their crazy and joyous moments.

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