British Crosshairs Wreak Havoc TOO CUTE

If videos are rated with the value of cuteness and adorability they offer, this deserves a perfect 10!

This video focuses on four beautiful British Shorthair kittens who spent a day at their owner’s place of business where they turned an office into a playground. Led by the big sister Pippa, the whole gang of eight- week-old felines got into and on to everything and sort of wreaked havoc when left unsupervised in the office.

Pets are now being encouraged to become a part of the work day of their owners. Some companies have pet-friendly policies that are welcoming to their employees’ furry and feathered friends.In the case of Pippa and her siblings, their owner is a staff of a veterinary facility.

There are many benefits of having pets in the workplace. The presence of dogs and cats builds camaraderie, teamwork, and satisfaction in the office and enables an environment that is open and flexible. Animals in the office can be used as a legitimate tool for increasing the productivity of workers.

Cat owners are advised to partner with veterinarians to prepare their pets for the office. Their pets should be well trained and must be current on flea and tick prevention.

Allowing cats to roam free in a workplace can have unexpected consequences such as scratching the walls, tearing up papers, and switching off computers. These annoyances do not bother employees who credit the animals for increasing communication in the workplace and for lowering stress. Who would get upset when there’s a cute cat hanging out nearby?

Companies can encourage their workers to bring their pets in the workplace. A pet-friendly policy should be created to outline the guidelines for bringing the pet to work. Maybe companies can also consider the love of cats as a quality they look for in job candidates? Why not?

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