How To Build A Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

This video demonstrates how to make a wall-mounted cat tree which is perfect for those who are living in apartments. Cats prefer checking things out from a high vantage point and their need to be high up is instinctual.

Vertical territory serves a lot of functions for cats. Aside from being able to observe their surroundings, being high up makes them feel safe, secured and entertained. It is also one of the ways cats show their position in their hierarchy – the most assertive cat will claim the highest spot to show “top cat” status (literally) while the more timid cat stays below. So a structure that endorses this hierarchy (caterarchy?) may actually reduce physical confrontations two cats might have.

When planning to install the shelves like the ones in the video, it is important to consider the following:

1. Cats enjoy intense play sessions. They will jump and climb on those shelves so make sure they are installed securely onto the wall.

2. The shelf should be the right size for your cat. If it is too small, your pet would not be comfortable sitting there.

3. Make the shelf’s surface slip-free by covering it with sisal or some other material.

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