Cassiopeia. My Sunny Somali Cat

Most cats are fun-loving and have sunny personality that makes them endearing to their human companions. Meet Cassiopeia, a Somali cat who loves bouncing around the house. Her owner describes the cat as naïve, curious, very funny, and has big “squirrelfish” tail. The very beautiful cat has a tendency to show off, the owner adds.

Somali cats are a little darling to their owners. They are adored by pet lovers due to their friendliness. They are also the easiest to breed. They are beautiful creatures that are very agile and smart. Their beauty is almost perfect!

Cat owners consider Somalis as one of the most adorable breeds. Somalis are known for being huge climber. They can climb to the top of closet doors. They can jump from one furniture to another! Their Spiderman-like skills are just amazing!

In the video, Cassiopeia loves when the bed is being made. She enjoys the company of her owner while the latter does her day to day activities. Somalis are a vivacious little wonder! They can be cozy too, says Cassiopeia’s owner.

If Cassiopeia is another animal, she could be a squirrel due to the length and features of her tail. Those long and thick furs have a personality of their own!

Cassiopeia enjoys entertaining her owners so much. Her unique bond with her owner is evident in the video. She just adores her owner to the heavens!

The stunning beauty of Cassiopeia and her gorgeous sunny personality make Somali cats as ideal pet animals. If you are planning to have a cat, a Somali is a must in your top five list!

Cassiopeia’s behavior means that she is a happy cat. Cats that enjoy the company of their owners live in an environment that is conducive to love, affection, and lots and lots of love! Love your cats and they will love you back ten million fold.

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