Cat And Owl Playing – Fum & Gebra – Perfect Friendship

This video features the extraordinary relationship between Fum, a black cat, and Gebra, a Tyto Alba owl. It is a rarity to see a land cat and an owl socializing with each other. More so, the video shows the two as best friends forever!

According to their owner, the two met in May 2010 when they were only one-month-old. Fum’s name in Catalan means “smoke” while Gebra’s is derived from the Catalan word “Gebre” which means “frost.” Their names may connote contrasting personalities, but their friendship is beyond unimaginable!

You will probably wonder if the cat brings rats to the owl as a sign of friendship? Their partnership makes them a perfect tandem for a Mouse Slayer film! Kidding aside, the video is just awesome!

You will notice in the video that the owl has a rope around its legs. Is Gebra an active owl? That rope is called jesse, which is worn by trained or domesticated birds of prey. Gebra was born in Andalucia, Spain and has been trained the falconry way.

Gebra is not fascinated with any human contact and only allows the hand that feeds her. She flies away from humans whom she feels has interest in her. The months between September and June are Gebre’s falconry season.

Fum and Gebra do not interact with each other every day. The interplay between the two only happens occasionally. Gebra spends about half an hour flight daily but there are times when Fum would just go hunting rather than accompany his owl best friend.

Fum likes hunting for fine pigeons and small insects. He is also friendly with other animals in the farm. He has this tendency to rub himself on the thymes, making his aroma special. What a herbaceous cat!

The spontaneous relationship between Fum and Gebra has attracted the interest of thousands of people. They have become Internet superstars due to their unique bonding. They are like the Bonnie and Clyde of the animal kingdom. They enjoy each other’s company during their daily excursion.

Humans can learn more from Fum and Gebra’s relationship. If two animals of different species can enjoy each other’s presence, why can’t humans be the same?

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