Cat Barks Like A Dog, Until It Gets Found Out

Please do not eat or drink anything while watching this video. You might end up snorting them out, with the food ricocheting off and the water dropping like waterfalls from your nostril. This video is about a cat who is trying to get the dogs in trouble by barking like their canine friends. Yes, you read it right! The cat is barking like a dog until he realizes he is being watched by humans. Ooops! The cat’s covert operation is a dunzo!

Did it ever occur to you if cats and dogs are only putting an act for humans, based on the behavior shown by the cat in the video? Maybe, they are just playing with us? But hoopsie daisy, the cat’s top secret has been uncovered in this video.

Seeing a cat quickly changing from a bark to meow is beyond hilarious! Cats are often associated with witches, voodoos, and eeriness in mainstream media. Is the cat in the video under the spell of a witch or is she a witch that has transformed into a feline? Kidding aside, who cares if the cat barks? This is just the most mental cat video ever!

According to, the cat’s barking sound is a form of forced meow. The website attributes the cat’s ability to bark on the barking noise from a dog, co-pet or a doggie neighbor. The cat is imitating a sound that it hears, probably from the very animal at which he is barking at in the video.

There is a high chance for cats to bark if they are raised with dogs. They can learn to sound like dogs if they reside with them long enough. There are videos showing cats chirping, singing, and even talking!

Soon you might see tiptoeing on your floor, browsing the Internet, and turning on the television to watch Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network. Maybe, cats are just really playing with us? Bark bark bark bark…meow..meow..meow!

Cat Barks Like A Dog, Until It Gets Found Out
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