Cat Behavior 101

The video features Dr. Debra Horwitz, a veterinary behaviorist. Here she discusses common behavioral problems in cats and shares some tips on how to address them.

As the owner, your main goal is for your cat to be happy. You have to provide for her physical and emotional needs so the two of you can have a harmonious relationship. Here are the five areas that you should be focused on:

1. Food – A nutritious and balanced diet is essential in keeping your cat healthy. Cats are carnivores and it is important to remember that fact. They need to consume a lot of protein to get them going.

2. Security – Give your cat a comfortable place to live in. She should be comfortable in her sleep and have an area where she can get away to hang out on her own (they need some alone time also).

3. Comfortable and clean habitat – Cats are known to be fastidious groomers but sometimes, they need help. Scoop out the litter box every day and change her blankets often.

4. Mental stimulation – Provide challenging toys for her. Getting a cat tree is also ideal.

5. Affection – Shower your feline friend with lots of love! If you satisfy all of her needs, she is less likely to develop behavioral problems. A loved cat is a happy cat.

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