Cat Boxing Dog. Who Wins?

Please call 9-1-1! This video is about a Labrador Retriever named Storm who is coping domestic abuse from his companion cat – Mat, who is enticing the dog for a Muhammad Ali vs. George Fraiser play. Mat is so keen to get Storm’s attention so he does not stop until he gets what he wants from Storm. And oh boy, Storm was like “Alright you asked for it, here’s a right-hook for you!”

How can you tell whether your cat and dog are playing or fighting? Some cats can totally be fascinated with their dog companion. Between cats and dogs, the former are known for being more mischievous. This attitude is not often a display of cats’ animosity or tension toward dogs.

In the video, Storm maintained his patience for a while but then decided to give Mat a friendly retaliation. This kind of behavior is similar to humans. In this situation, Storm is acting like a big brother to his sibling Mat who just wants a play time.

Can cats and dogs be friends? Of course, they can! There is a commonly held belief that cats and dogs are natural enemies. Their animosity is not something that is inborn. It could be affected by life experiences with members of other species.

When you see your pets nibbling each others’ ears, pulling their fur, and tumbling around – these actions do not constitute as a fight. There will be times when both want to play and there are times when only one of them wants to. The video highlights Mat’s attempt to annoy Storm who is initially oblivious to the former’s presence. Mat succeeds by ending up being wrestled by Storm.

A certain amount of rowdiness is a natural animal instinct when they are playing – but it is very different from a “real” fight.

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