Cat Gets A Haircut

How to groom a cat that hates it? You might get some pointers from this cat which is just chilling when getting a trim. How could this grumpy-looking Himalayan cat be good about being groomed? If you did that to other cats, it will be World War 3.

Why do cats need haircuts if they naturally shed? But cats that are badly matted need some shaving. For kittens that are longhair, you need to have a grooming routine for them to avoid dealing with mats or tangles.

Fine and medium-toothed comb is ideal for your long hair cuts. Using brushes is not allowed that could cause mats. Look for combs that are not sharp. You might end up hurting your cats while grooming them.

Most cats do not need to get haircuts. Your cats are genetically engineered to take care of their coat! When their fur gets all knotted, you can seek the help of a professional groomer. Cats that are shedding terribly really need the assistance of animal experts.

Grooming your cat should be a fun experience for the both of you. Cats should be relaxed when they are being pampered with a haircut or a nail cut. When cats are used to being handled, giving them a haircut will be a smooth sailing process. Petting your cat’s ears, tail, belly and the feet can help them relax before grooming session.

Brushing the hair of your cats is a must to remove dirt, spread natural oils throughout their coat, and keep their skin free from irritants.

Here are some tips when brushing the hair of your cats :

¥ Metal combs should be used to work through your cats’ fur from head to tail
¥ Bristle or rubber brush is ideal to remove dead and loose hair
¥ The chest and belly of your cat are very sensitive. Be gentle on those areas
¥ Knots on their fur should be untangled by brushing it in an upward motion
¥ To work on their tail, make brush the fur from the middle on to the one side, then the other side.

Cat Gets A Haircut
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