Cat Pillow

Meet Tyatora and Shiro, Japanese cats who are very popular online. They even have a blog site dedicated to them by their owner. In the video, Tyatora is having a siesta with Shiro as his pillow. Suddenly, Shiro interrupted Tyatora’s cat nap. You should see Tya’s reaction when he lost his cuddle!

Some cats are inseparable even during sleep time. They can be entwined with each other and I think that is so sweet. Cats sometimes lay on one another during nap time. In the video, Tya and Shiro are like brothers that enjoy each other’s company. That is very adorable!

Cats have this tendency to sleep near each other, mirroring the other’s position. But in the video, Tya is acting like a boss, using Shiro as his pillow. The latter seems to tolerate Tya’s divaish attitude at first. Then he changed his mind, moved away and disturbed Tya’s sleep. That is so hilarious!

Inseparable cats insist on being together even beyond their bedding stage. Though cats could outgrow their beloved cuddling space; it won’t stop them from snuggling while sleeping. There are cats who could be bossy. In the case of Tya and Shiro, the former is the man!

What does your cats’ behavior sleeping with each other reveal? If your cats grew up together, they may remember the experience of being next to their mother’s belly when they were kittens. Cats can play the role of a bundling buddy with their fellow cats.

Cats can also sleep with other pets such as dogs. They can love each other as brother and sister. They even spend time eating together. There are cats and dogs that tolerate each other but are not interested in having interaction with one another. Isn’t it perplexing when cats and dogs cannot stand each other but do not mind sleeping together? Pets never cease to amaze us!

Cat Pillow
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