Cat Tricks #1

Watch Reggy as he showcases his talents at performing cat tricks. He was able to nail every command. Way to go Reggy! According to the uploader / trainer, he was training a dog named Eddy and decided to surprise the owners by training the family cat too. Reggy was four years old at the start of the training and was able to learn a number of tricks in less than thirty days.

Cat training has a lot of benefits. Aside from entertainment, it can reduce unwanted or problematic cat behaviors and enhance human and feline interaction. Training cats is not easy. They are aloof, independent and less interested in pleasing their trainer. Sometimes, it seems like they just don’t care! But training cats is not an impossible task because it can be done (with determination and patience).

There are two recommended training methods for cats: positive reinforcement and clicker training. Positive reinforcement is rewarding the cat for the desired or good behavior and offering alternative options or distractions instead of punishment. Clicker training uses a clearly identifiable sound signal to the animal when he or she has performed the correct or desired behavior. When clicker training a cat, the trainer clicks at the moment the cat was able to perform the desired behavior and rewards a treat immediately after the click. The cat will begin to associate the clicking sound with a treat and understand that he or she did the right thing.

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