Cat vs. Toaster

This video features a curious cat who gets the surprise of his life from the toaster… but no worries, he’s fine since cats often tumble and get back on their feet.

Cats are notoriously curious by nature. They are born to hunt and explore their surroundings. They need to know everything about their territory – every nook and corner, identify every possible hiding spot, know how everything works, etc. As predators, they need to detect any potential threats so they can get rid of them immediately. They acquired this behavior from their wild cat ancestors and although cats nowadays are domesticated, they still feel the need to thoroughly inspect their environment. The cat in the video clearly thought that the toaster was dangerous!

If you own a cat, you might have also noticed that it seems to be interested in all that you do. That is because you are part of its territory!

Many cat owners discourage this curious, exploratory behavior in fear that their cats might destroy something while patrolling around the house – but experts say humans should encourage this. By harnessing our cat’s natural instincts to investigate and discover, we are helping them fulfill their natural drive, thus developing their intelligence.

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