Cat Won’t Let Me Play Video Games Alone

Cats have this habit of seeking the attention of their owner. For Nala, a Main Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat mix featured in this video, rolling off the chest of her owner and snuggling in his arms as he plays video games are her ways to speak to her owner and to express her affection. Nala probably loves and super adore his Papa, isn’t it?

Nala lives with his owner in Norway where the weather is cold. Cats love heat and it is important for them to get warm. You will often see a cat sleeping in warm places such as on top of a heater, in the kitchen, or in the living room. They are also fond of hanging out on the sofa or on the bed.

Your feline companions have this tendency to sit close to you as a subtle way to interact. This behavior presents an opportunity for you to bond with your cats. The loving nature of cats and their affectionate behavior illustrate the enjoyment their feel when they are with their owners.

There are direct correlations between human personality and the behavior of cats, according to a study. Just like humans, cats can be extrovert, conscientious, affectionate and friendly. Nala’s affection toward her owner is expressed thru body movements such as her constant attempt to interrupt her owner while he is busy with his video game.

Pets enjoy the time of being with the company of their owner whose presence gives them the opportunity to relax. This shows why cats are really attached to their owners. They see themselves as babies to their owners whom they consider as doting parents.
When your cat rubs against you, it is their way of saying “I love you,” “It’s play time Papa,” or “Do you still have that fish-shaped treats?”.

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