Cats Discovering Tails Compilation 2016

This is a video compilation of cats seemingly meeting their tails for the first time. Watch them become fascinated – or perhaps even disturbed by – their newfound ‘friend’.

Cats are curious creatures so it’s natural for them to be intrigued by their tails. But usually, the reason why cats play with their tails is because it’s just fun! This activity actually helps sharpen their hunting skills and keeps them fit and healthy – all that chasing is a good form of exercise! Don’t worry though, healthy felines won’t inflict any real injury to their tails.

Tail-chasing in kittens is completely normal; it is just a part of their development. From four months onward, kittens would pounce on anything that catches their attention. Remember that they are only playing and this enthusiasm will die down eventually.

Sometimes adult, indoor cats chase their tail because there is nothing else to do. If you feel like your cat lacks stimulation inside your home, take time to engage her in interactive play sessions and provide toys to keep her busy.

However, if you notice that your cat is obsessively and excessively chasing her tail, this might be an indication of an underlying medical problem known as hyperesthesia a.k.a. cat schizophrenia. If it really seems obsessive, it’s best to have her checked by the vet.

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