Cats In Boxes – Cats VS Boxes Funny Pet Compilation

This is a video compilation of cats and their weird relationship with boxes. Cats like to hide; it’s in their nature. There are several cats in the video that attack the hand of their owner once it gets too close and they immediately hide. This attack-and-hide tactic is one way wild cats hunt for food.

In the wild, cats are predators and hiding helps them stalk their pray and also hide from threatening animals. It’s been found out the boxes give cats a sense of security and help them escape from environmental stressors. Boxes also help them insulate themselves so they can feel warm and cozy. Their cute and silly habit serves lots of purpose after all!

Cats are able to fit themselves into surprisingly small boxes (some are even able to cram themselves in flower vases). They are able to do this thanks to their flexible spines. They are able to squeeze into unexpectedly tight spaces without problems – though they do occasionally get themselves into predicaments as a result of this tendency.

As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the box has proper ventilation to avoid any risk of suffocation. Make sure that your cat can get in and out of the box easily and safely.

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