Cats Rescued After Being Thrown Out Of A Vehicle

This video features the rescue of a mother cat and her kittens after they were – astonishingly – thrown out from a car window. The kitties were then bought to a veterinary clinic and cared for. There, the rescuers named them Arianna, Selena and Demi.

Adopting a cat is a very rewarding experience because it is a great way to help your local animal shelter. Overcrowding in shelters have been a problem recently and more and more companion animals need to be put down. By adopting a shelter cat, you are opening up another slot for a kitty who’d otherwise be on ‘death row’. If you are thinking of adopting but you’re not sure whether to go with it, here are some reasons why you definitely should:

1. Some think that all cats in shelters must have behavioral problems or are suffering from illnesses but this is not true. There are lots of healthy cats only waiting to be adopted.

2. Shelter cats are already immunized, dewormed, spayed or neutered and microchipped. In most cases, they are also litter box trained.

3. Not all cats are the same and adopting one is a big commitment. Shelter staff will help you pick the right kitty for your personality and lifestyle.

4. Many assume that adult cats can’t be trained to do tricks but felines of all ages are actually trainable.

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