Cats Vs. Water

Cats like to keep themselves always clean but why do some of them hate water so much? Not all cats hate water – some even know how to swim.

It turns out that their location of origin plays an important role in their like or dislike of the wet stuff. In cold regions, water makes them feel colder so they tend to stay away from it while in warmer regions, it helps them keep cool.

Household cats will likely try getting a fresh drink of water from a dripping faucet but if you put them in a bathtub, they will resist with all their might. There are several reasons why cats don’t like being submerged in water. One is that a cat’s fur becomes heavy when wet and this will weigh the feline down. When the whole coat is drenched, the cat will find it uncomfortable to move. Another reason is that cats are very sensitive to odors and they might not like the scent of the chemicals from tap water. And lastly, cats might not like being in water simply because they have never experienced it before.

Cats don’t like surprises and they prefer to experience life on their own terms. They want to approach new experiences at their own pace and like to retain the ability to change their mind and back out of any scenario. So don’t push it. Pushing your cat to do something it does not want to do will make it lose trust in you.

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