Caught! Hidden Camera Catches Abyssinian Cat Stealing Clothes

When the uploader noticed that clothes mysteriously appear in random places, she decided to set up a hidden camera to know who the culprit is. Turns out, it is her Abyssinian cat who steals socks and handkerchiefs! This is a stealthy but very adorable feline thief.

Cats are known for moving items around the house and there are various motivations why they do this. A possible reason why cats “steal” is that they want attention. When your cat wants to interact with you but you are too busy to give her attention, taking an item that you are concerned about is a good way to get noticed. Even if you reprimand her, for her this is still attention and it’s good enough. Cats are very smart creatures and if they see that stealing results in getting “attention”, they are likely to repeat the behavior.

On the other hand, some cats steal items just so they can play with them. They get attracted to the appearance and the texture of an item and they just want to play with it. Sometimes cats steal to relieve stress – if you suspect that their behavior is stress or pain related, talk to your vet first to rule out any underlying medical condition.

Caught! Hidden Camera Catches Abyssinian Cat Stealing Clothesimage –

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