Cheetoh Cat Sees Owners For First Time In Days

This video features Cheddar, a beautiful Cheetoh cat welcoming his owners home. At nine months, it was his first time to be left alone in the house for days. It is obvious that this cat really missed his humans…

The Cheetoh breed of cats originated by cross-breeding a male Ocicat and a female Bengal to produce a litter which has an exotic and wild appearance but gentle in nature. They have muscular bodies and have a very distinct low-shouldered ‘wildcat’ walk. They are known to be intelligent, extremely social and affectionate. The coat of the Cheetoh is another distinguishing attribute of this breed – their fur is short and thick but very soft, almost velvety to touch. Despite their fierce appearance, Cheetohs are very sociable and very loving. They usually do well with children and other pets. They like to play but they do not like to be left alone. If you are planning in getting a Cheetoh, it is advised to have another pet to keep them entertained.

In November 2004, the United Feline Organization gave recognition to the breed and they are also registered under “experimental breed” with The International Cat Association at this time.

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