Cute Cats Cleaning Each Other

This video features Jasmine and Bella, two beautiful cats grooming each other before naptime. There’s so much love in this video! Most cats are neat-freaks and spend half of their time awake engaged in some form of cat grooming. Kittens learn how to groom themselves at two weeks and they are able to keep themselves completely clean by the time they are weaned. This behavior is learned from their mother so if the mother cat was a slob, there’s a high chance that her kittens will care less with their hygiene as well.

Cat grooming is much more than keeping their coats clean and free from parasites. Here are other reasons why cats love to keep themselves clean:

1. Protection from predators – Cats clean away food and odor so they won’t be detected by potentially threatening animals.

2. Cool down – Cats can’t sweat to cool themselves (but they do sweat a little through their paws). They rely on saliva evaporation to keep themselves cool.

3. Fur maintenance – By licking themselves, they distribute their natural oils evenly on their coats.

4. Stimulation of blood flow – Your cat’s tongue is covered in tiny, bristle-like hairs and through licking, their blood circulation improves.

5. Friendship – Cats groom other cats to show affection.

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