Cute Kitten With Pitbull

Would you nibble the feet of a beast 100 times your weight? In the video, a little kitten is getting cozy with a pit bull, with the latter handling the new member of the family so well. The dog is treating the cat like it is her puppy. What a sweetheart!

What makes the video so precious is the loving interaction between the cat and the dog. Observe the tender loving care in the eyes of the dog. Pit bulls are notorious for being a hot-tempered monster but the video is a proof that they can also be mushy and cuddly with their feline friends and are sweet little peas. Cuteness to the nth power!

Some people see pit bulls and cats as a recipe for disaster. Given the proper training, pit bulls can also be just big babies to their fellow pets. What can be done to get your pit bull and cat coexist without any problems?

First, the interaction between the two should be relaxed and positive as possible. Do not expect an instant love-at-first-sight between the animals. You need to observe the body language of your dogs.

Second, do not force your pets to have direct contact. The interaction between them should be done one to two times per day a week. Be mindful of dog aggressions such as whining or staring at the cat. Tentative sniffing is unavoidable as well as rubbing against each other. Don’t worry, those behaviors are acceptable!

Last, your pets should be rewarded with treats for being calm, displaying nonaggressive traits, and keeping oneself from pestering the other.

Proper socialization is imperative for your pets to get along. By nature, pit bulls and cats are not predisposed to be Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. They could cohabitate and have long-term, stress-free relationships by knowing their personalities.

Cute Kitten With Pitbull
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