Cute Manx Kitty Plays On Horse’s Back, Then Has A Little Surprise

This video features Dizzy, a Manx cat who went for a ride a horse’s back and ended up falling. But no worries, Dizzy assures us with little purrs at the end that she’s fine (phew!) Here are some facts about the Manx breed:

1. The Manx is an ancient breed from the Isle of Man – which is located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. Hundreds of years ago, a genetic mutation caused kittens on the isle to be born without tails. Since the cat population there is relatively small, the trait quickly became common among the local cats.

2. Not all Manx are tail-less, they can have varying tail lengths. They carry one gene for a full tail and one for no tail. Sadly, kittens who inherited both tail-less genes will die before birth. That’s why many dubbed the Manx gene as the lethal gene.

3. Base on their tail lengths, fun nicknames have been produced to describe the cats of this breed: rumpy (tail-less), rumpy riser (cats with stubs), stumpy (cats with partial tails) and longy (those with a full tail).

4. This breed is so old that it was one of the first five breeds to be registered at the Cat Fancier’s Association back in 1906. Manx cats were even present in the first cat shows held in Great Britain!

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