Cutest Twins Ever – Scottish Fold Kittens

This video features two adorable Scottish Fold kittens who look exactly alike! They are both so cute that you will surely want to reach through your screen to grab them.

Below are some fun facts about Scottish Fold cats:

1. They were once referred to as ‘lop-eared’ or ‘lops’ because they look a bit like lop-eared rabbits. The name was only changed to Scottish Fold when the breed was officially registered. They were named to give a nod to their country of origin and their most noticeable trait.

2. They come in very numerous colors and patterns ranging from black, blue, and red to tabby and shaded silver.

3. Scottish Fold cats have a famous habit of posing in odd positions. They’ll sit on their haunches, lie on their back with paws up in the air and many more. The ‘Buddha position’ might as well be their most popular sitting position where their hind legs are stretched out in front of them while their front paws are resting on their stomach.

4. They are notoriously quiet cats and when they do meow, it comes out as a very small and soft voice. They rarely make a sound.

5. A white barn cat named Susie with unusually folded ears was found in Perthshire, Scotland in 1961. She later gave birth to two kittens who shared the same trait. All modern Scottish Fold cats can trace their lineage to Susie.

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