Dear Kitten: Impersona Cat

Have you ever asked yourself where the word “copycat” came from? Oh well, this video will probably give you some hints. In this video, a cat is having an existential crisis as he reflects on his kitty life in front of a mirror. The cat is perplexed by the impurrsonator who is looking directly at himself and who is mimicking whatever he says and does.

The behavior of your cats in front of the mirror gives clues to what is inside their minds. There are videos on YouTube featuring cats’ first reactions when they see themselves on the mirror. Some are really hilarious and have made the cats popular online.

Do cats recognize themselves when they look in the mirror? The answer is yes and no. Some cats have advanced intellectual skills that trigger their self-awareness. In the video, the cat poses so many questions about his impersonator on the mirror. The puzzled look on the cat shows his attempt to resolve his inner dilemma of meeting a copycat. Doppelganger alert!

There are cats that fear or attack their image while others are just oblivious to their reflections. I wish we all have clues to these behaviors, but we probably need the theories of experts who are into feline psychology. Maybe Garfield could help us understand this?

If your cats often attack their reflections on the mirror, that must be stopped. You can cover some part of the mirror with tape to prevent the cats from seeing themselves. If other cats are triggering your cat’s reaction to their reflection, shoo those cats away.

Compared to chimpanzees and elephants, cats don’t give a fuss about their appearance in the mirror. The former animals are mammals, which rely heavily on vision. For cats, smell is more important. Their mating behavior is completely dependent on the olfactory qualities of their potential targets. The stinkier the smell is, the higher the probability to have partners!

There are owners who reported on the tendency of their cats to groom and admire themselves in front of the mirror. Probably, these cats just want to be themselves in front of the mirror, gaze at themselves and admire their purrfect beauty.

Dear Kitten - Impersona Cat
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  • By Annette, November 29, 2018 @ 6:45 am

    I especially loved the article about Oscar. The cat who was able to predict death in the nursing home. He comforted the people and loved them. He himself had died during surgery and came back to life. What a sweet loving comforting angel. All of the articles were great loved them all.

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