Dior, Talking Birman Cat, Refusing To Leave The Sink

Chairs, shelves, people’s beds, and cat’s beds are the usual spots where cats spend their time to lay down or sleep. Other cats like to stay on soft blankets, clean towels and in the cupboard. But with Dior, a Birman cat featured in this video, the bathroom sink is his territory. Dior refuses to leave the sink despite the constant egging of his owners. Whenever Dior is ordered to leave his territory, he purrs back and makes a sound as if he is speaking back to his owners and is stressing his right to stay on the spot. Isn’t that amusing and adorable?

Birman cats can be rather talkative and can be expressive of what they feel and think. Probably, Dior has picked up the personality of his human companions because Birman cats can observe their owners and might learn their behaviors consequently. Dior’s refusal to follow the instruction of his owners illustrates a temperament or behavior that is also exhibited by humans.

The bathroom sink is not a suitable environment for your cat to relax. Most cats prefer warm places over cold or damp areas. Cat owners should consider buying a heater where their cats can sleep or relax twice as good. Some cats enjoy hard surfaces but a warm and comfortable blanket can be provided as a cheap way to comfort them.

Cats have their ‘me’ time, so leaving them alone is imperative when they are sleeping or relaxing. However, they will meow for their owner’s attention even during their ‘me’ time.

Dior exhibits a human-like behavior that is close to a son expressing his fondness, affection, and tenderness toward his parents. His life revolves around the available family that he loves. His adamance to stay on the sink is a show of contentment of just being near with his owners.

Dior, talking BIrman cat, refusing to leave the sinkimage – https://www.youtube.com/embed/zgGn-iJ7Z2I

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