DIY Cat Toy Project: Kitty Whack-A-Mouse!

DIY Cat Toy Project: Kitty Whack-A-Mouse!Photo ©

We found this wonderful video by chibudgielvr for a super cat toy that will be fun not only for your cat but will be great entertainment for you, too!

Cats are known for their love of play because this behavior mimics their inclination to hunt, which is a natural instinct. It’s very helpful for kittens to learn how to stalk and pounce. Since most domesticated cats don’t really do enough of this (because food is already given to them), cats respond very well to toys that bring out this intstinctive nature.

Cats are sociable creatures. Once they’re born, they instantly interact with their mothers and then after a few weeks, they interact with other kittens/pets and of course, their owners. It’s a way for them to explore the world around them. For the first few weeks, they are highly dependent on mother cat, so you might not be able to play with them right away – but pretty soon they will start exploring on their own – and then the fun begins!

Another thing is that these animals are very active. They like to jump on higher places and are very observant. It brings out the behavior of “surveying the environment”. Cat trees and scratching posts are great for them to use as this is also a form of exercise.

When it comes to choosing the right toy for your pet, this video demonstrates that you don’t have to buy the most intricate pieces. Cats can have enormous fun with cardboard tubes or simple things on strings – which bring out their instinctive response to fluttering, dancing movements. This is why something as simple as a laser light dot on the wall can really make them crazy with excitement (as well as being a near-effortless way to keep them occupied).

Try buying/making cat toys and toss them to your pet to see what they really like. This step involves a bit of trial and error. Introduce these toys one at a time so that they don’t get overwhelmed. Some cats respond well to toys that mimic a fluttering bird, and some will like the squeaking sound of rodent-like toys. To keep them from getting bored, you can experiment with switching toys every couple of days.

Okay, here is the video:

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