DIY Cat Toys – How To Make A Self-Petting Station

Most cats love affection but sometimes we owners become too busy for cuddling. This video demonstrates how you can make a self-petting station for your cat so she can get a good back scratch in while you are away for work or just preoccupied around the house.

A self-petting station will give your cat some satisfaction but it is still important for you to spend time with her. Stroking her fur is a form of bonding between the two of you so try to make some time for cuddling no matter how busy you think you are. A few minutes will suffice.

Cats love to be stroked; it just feels really good for your furry friend. The best places to stroke are along the cheeks, under the chin and between the eyes and ears. These are the areas that cats can’t lick when grooming themselves. The sensation mimics the feeling of another cat grooming them.

Most cats enjoy being petted but keep an eye out for any signs of aggression. They only like short petting sessions and constant stroking might annoy them. When she decides that she had enough, don’t force her.

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