Dogs Annoying Cats With Friendship

This video is a compilation of funny clips featuring dogs and cats and their attempts to establish a friendship. Dogs and cats are very different creatures and these differences are the reasons why they sometimes end up in fights. If you are thinking about getting a pet but not sure whether to get a cat or a dog, consider the following:

1. How much time you can dedicate – Dogs typically need more attention than cats. You also can’t leave dogs alone at home for long periods of time or they develop separation anxiety which can lead to depression. If you are someone who works long hours, a dog may not be suited for you.

2. How much you can afford – Having a cat typically cost less compared to dogs but this depends on the size and breed of the dogs. Long-haired dog breeds cost more when it comes to maintenance alone.

3. What temperament fits your lifestyle and personality – Many dogs are needy and affectionate. They will constantly want to be around you and are full of energy. You have to walk and play (or work, depending on the breed) with them every day so if you are someone who doesn’t have an active lifestyle, getting a dog may not be ideal. Cats on the other hand are habitually independent and they cuddle with you only if they feel like it.

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