Draco The Pixie Bob

This video features Draco, an adorable Pixie-bob cat. According to his owner, Draco loves to walk on a leash and play fetch and tag.

Pixie-bobs are popular for having a “dog’s temperament” – they crave affection and companionship. Owners of pixie-bobs must be prepared to lavish them with plenty of attention after a long day. They can be left alone but the companion of another household pet is recommended by experts. They are fairly smart cats and can easily master a number of tricks and commands. Teaching them to walk on a leash will be relatively easy.

Pixie-bobs only meow occasionally because they developed their own special vocal sounds of chirps and chitters. Sometimes they even growl!

The breed is believed to have started in 1985 when Carol Ann Brewer acquired a male kitten with several unique characteristics – a short tail, a spotted coat and more than the usual number of toes. With the help of a neighbor’s female cat (a domestic shorthair), he produced a litter of kittens. Out of the litter, Brewer picked a short-tailed female kitten and named her Pixie. Pixie became the foundation mother of the breed.

Draco The Pixie Bobimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6DKwlQDx0Y

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