Every Day. Every. Darn. Day.

For cat lovers, life is like opening a door to another room where a litter of adorable cats are waiting for their meal. In the video, a bunch of cats went gaga overseeing their owner during meal time. This scenario is a cat-astrophe for others, but is a euphoria for cat lovers! Obviously, the cats adore their owner whose arrival can be likened to Taylor Swift meeting a group of screaming fans! It’s mayhem!

The owner is a single woman living on the farm. She clarifies that her ward is farm cats and not stray in any way. She adores them for keeping mice out of her house and barns.

You might be wondering why single women have a close affinity for cats? Cats are given the dubious honor of living with unmarried women or spinsters. There are several similarities between cats and single women. Both are independent and enjoy their own company. Single women have this tendency to come and go as they please. This behavior is also seen in cats which resist groveling to a master.

Movies often portray single women with cats as witches. That is stereotype needs to be corrected. This cultural misrepresentation of women is not right and unacceptable.
The misconception that a single woman is a crazy cat lady is another label that should be avoided. Also, there is the stereotypical nonsense of portraying cat ladies as sneaky, manipulative, and difficult to please. Associating women with words like catty, cougar, and catfight is unfair and nonsense!

History has told us that cats have a close association with women. Ancient mythologies had depicted the link between the feline and the feminine.

Cats are ideal urban pet. Many single women live in the cities where they work. Cats do well in small spaces. Women who spend most of their morning hours at work find it less worrisome to leave their cats within the confines of their small apartments or condominiums.

Single women consider their cats as having a roommate from another dimension. Those vicious labels associated with cat ladies should be thrown out of the window. Cat ladies are independent and free-spirited women that are loving, compassionate, and caring. Way to go cat ladies!

Every Day Every Darn Day
images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EYZnSXEla0

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