Extremely Happy Cats Pet Video Compilation 2016

Providing your beloved pet all her needs and seeing her happy and content is very rewarding. Here are some tips in keeping your cat as happy as possible:

1. Whether your cat was raised indoors or was once an outdoor cat, she needs to experience the joys of the outside world as much as she can. Make sure to let her go out or you can leash-train her if you’re worried what might happen to her. Cats like to observe the world go by so have lots of perches by the window so she can observe in peace.

2. Play with your cat every day and try different toys to keep her interested. Toys that allow your cat to chase, stalk, pounce and kick are usually the best ones. By keeping your cat active, you will help maintain her muscle tone and improve her blood circulation.

3. Cats want interaction but they need to be alone once in a while also. Make sure to provide her with her own private space in the house.

4. Cats hide their illness to protect themselves from predators that’s why it’s up to you to keep a close eye on her and look for any signs that she might be sick.

5. Cats are neat freaks and they do a great job in keeping themselves clean. However, it is your job to keep her surroundings immaculate and odor-free.

Extremely Happy Cats Pet Video Compilation 2016image – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivRi1jsJomU

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