Feline Diet, Kidney Disease And The Urinary Tract

Feline Diet, Kidney Disease And The Urinary Tract - WP
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The kidneys are among the most hard-working organs inside the body – and can actually compete in terms of industry and diligence with the heart and the brain. These bean-shaped organs house structures called nephrons that are responsible for the filtration of blood, reabsorption of essential minerals and nutrients, and excretion of wastes. The kidneys hence can be thought of as the “purifiers” of the cat’s blood and the remover of toxic substances.

But the kidneys’ daily checklist of got-to-do’s doesn’t just stop at elimination of wastes and production of urine. They also regulate electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, control the acid–base balance within the body, maintain the fluid levels at normal range, regulate blood pressure, produce a variety of vital chemicals such as renin, activate vitamin D3, and help form red blood cells. Whew! Now that’s a surprisingly lengthy list of work to be done by a pair of bean-shaped organs…. But each kidney rises to the challenge and consistently performs an excellent job at that.

With all the work and trouble each kidney has to go through every day, being “kidney-friendly” could be the very least we can do! Of course, your cat bears zero awareness about his little helpful pair of urinary organs, so it’s the responsibility of the cat owner to provide the best treatment that each kidney deserves. That means, you! And what better way to do that than feeding your cat with a “kidney-friendly” good-quality meal with appropriate amount of water and protein but without excessive phosphorus. Not only will this keep kidney functions at optimum, but also the right diet can promote your cat’s overall health.

Elisa Katz, DVM CVA, a graduate of Ohio State University, shares her thoughts and insights about the relationship between diet and feline kidney disease.

Check out her article here: http://feline-nutrition.org/health/diet-kidney-disease-and-the-urinary-tract

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