Free Tutorial: The Cat Care Handbook

Free Tutorial: The Cat Care HandbookPhoto © Antonio Gravante –

We just found a free guide to cat care that is simply fantastic. The link is after our introduction as per usual…

Love to have a feline fur ball that can be just kept indoors? Choose then a kitten with a calm and relatively non-active disposition. What if most of your family members are out during the day for school and work? In that case, how about choosing a cat that can work with your 8-hour household absence. But guess what? Having two kittens to keep each other company sounds even better! Similar to dogs in some respects, cats can never be short on variety and character. There will always be a cat breed that would surely suit your lifestyle, preference, and personality. And PAW can give you a hand regarding that!

Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW), a nonprofit group of volunteers, opens new doors of opportunities for both cats up for adoption and their soon-to-be owners. People from all walks of life get the chance to venture into an experience bound to be filled with genuine companionship and surprise. Homeless cats become blessed with new “parents” whom they can rely on not only for their food and water, shelter, and grooming but also for a nurturing and safe environment grounded on unconditional friendship, discipline, and patience. From whatever angle one sees it, it’s a win-win situation. PAW encourages those with some spare space in their household and an extra room in their hearts to adopt a cat or dog and be their foster parents. The group conducts several adoption shows in Maryland and fundraising activities in a month and operates from tax-deductible donations and the cooperation of its volunteers.

PAW’sawesome handbook proves to be more than handy, comprehensively covering cat care 101 – from bringing a newly adopted cat home, to grooming and health care, to litter boxes and cat toys. It’s a must-read for any prospective cat owner with the purest intention to provide a stable and loving home for a homeless cat:

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Free Tutorial - The Cat Care Handbook
Graphic – Image © Antonio Gravante – (under license)

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