Funny Cat Again

This short video clip features a funny cat observing its owner while hiding. I wonder what that cat is thinking. Could it be plotting some kind of revenge?

Cats like to hide and most of the time they do it in dark and hard to reach areas. This behavior is completely normal. Reasons why cats hide include curiosity, comfort, stress, boredom and security. Cats always want to keep a keen eye on everything that is going on in their environment and they do this as secretly as possible. Cats use this method of observation when they are feeling unsure of their surroundings and want to scope things out without being seen. The cat in the video must have been curious about what its owner was up to, although it seems it could use some lessons in stealth.

Sometimes cats choose hiding places that may seem suitable to them but can actually be quite dangerous. They may choose to conceal themselves in clothes dryers, washing machines, behind electrical appliances and under cars. Make sure to check these places first to avoid accidents. Many cats have actually been killed because their owners turned on the appliance unaware that the cat is hiding in there.

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